What is Urjaa Samadhan?

Solar technology has the potential to change lives and increase access to sustainable energy in homes, communities, schools and health facilities around the world.

But when solar technology breaks down it has no impact at all. We extend the useful lifetime of all solar equipment by creating solar repair economies that work.

Urjaa Samadhan provides solar energy repair services, predominantly in rural markets. We use mobile and web tools to connect people with broken solar equipment to people who can fix it, and supporting local enterprises to connect to national and international supply markets

We run a ‘Super Service Centre’ in Semiliguda, Odisha, and operate in several districts in the state. We also run training courses for people who want to gain skills in engineering and increase their personal economic capabilities through solar sales and repair.

Urjaa Samadhan is always looking for investment to reach more people. If you are interested in helping us to take the Urjaa Samadhan model to your area, please get in touch with us.


Our Tools

A smart reporting system

Urjaa Samandhan uses a simple SMS based reporting system.

1 Anybody with broken solar equipment sends an SMS or makes a missed call.

2 The SMS/missed call feeds into a live, online map of faults and repairs hosted on a central server and accessed via a web-based interface.

3 Local level repair service providers receive an instant message, notifying them of potential customers.

4 Service providers can purchase the parts and systems that they require through the Urjaa Samadhan application.

Urjaa Samadhan allows service providers to communicate with customers directly. The platform tracks all enquiries from end users and responses by maintenance personnel. And it allows service providers to identify demand clusters for supplies and spare parts.